Perdomo Cigars

"Authentic and original stores, with generational retail business, now available online!" Perdomo Cigars, this vintage business in the US, with it's seven generations making the most authentic cigars, and strong roots in the local stores, is now available online as an independent store, bringing authenticity to your doorstep with just one tap. Here's how our contribution impacted the organization. Witera designed and made an impactful portfolio website for this royal business, which in turn fulfills it's authenticity and name, so that they present their product online with it's true value. Key Solution Highlight- Developed a beautiful, impactful and user-friendly portfolio website to sell their authentic cigars. Website contains quality graphics and easy to use features. Curated with handwork and perfection to present the quality of the product, just as it is grown and made.

Authentic and original stores, with generational retail business, now available online!

  • Strategy

    Brand Identity, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Website Designing

  • Client

    Perdomo Cigars

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